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Mariem Sarghini

Chief Operations Officer

About Me

Mariem has almost 20 years of experience in Clinical Quality Assurance (CQA) activities, from setting up Quality Management Systems (QMS) to training and developing aspiring junior CQA auditors both in the UK and globally. She has worked across a number of different therapeutic areas including Oncology. She is a driven and motivated person with a passion for ensuring quality is included into all aspects of clinical trial activity. Her experience ranges from startup companies to large global companies and leverages her experiences in these diversified environments.

Mariem believes that medicines should be readily available globally to all but especially in the Lower Middle Income Countries (LMIC). She is passionate about educating medical staff especially in this region, and the importance of being able to conduct and included in clinical trials. She has developed a training workshop for clinical staff highlighting the importance of clinical research and compliance which received positive feedback from those that have attended.

Mariem has completed a Bsc (Hons) in Microbiology, and is now is currently reading for an MBA in Healthcare Management with a focus on clinical research in LMIC and its impact on the local healthcare system. Her dedication to continuous learning and professional development will enable her to lead and inspire others to deliver high-quality clinical trial results.